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" Education is the great equalizer", In every area not solely referring to the traditional educational institution but to be well equipped with all of the proper information and knowledge that restores a community". 
Equality & Dignity

Residents in any community should feel a sense of pride and dignity when walking around their neighborhood. Pride in knowing that not only do the neighbors around them care about their well being; but so does the local government that represents them.  

That's why my plan is to provide more county funding to District 4; which means more jobs, equal pay and access to better education. The funding in education will properly prepare the next generation to graduate from college, compete for higher paying jobs and ultimately own a home in a community they take pride in. 


You can count on my administration to be just a phone call away to express concern, gratitude or to inquire about your district. Transparency is my motto. After all, I am here for YOU. 

Quality of Life 

I want everyone to have access to a healthy and  balanced lifestyle. This includes adequate employment so that families can individually care for their households. Quality grocery stores to have access to fresh nutritious foods to improve the  overall health of the community; Enhanced recreational centers to promote physical fitness, and community gardens to instill agricultural self sufficiency. 

Public Safety
Public safety is my top priority. I want everyone to feel safe in their  neighborhoods, local libraries, restaurants and other public spaces. With the prevalence of homelessness, I will implement adequate initiatives toward getting the homeless the help that they need and restoring your safety in the community. 
With crime on the rise, safety is a pressing matter for residents.  The everyday person should feel comfortable pumping their gas, feel secure going to the ATM, feel safe on the roads and  rest assured knowing they can walk down the street without looking over their shoulder. I will ensure that Law enforcement, Fire departments and health and medical facilities are easily accessible to everyone in the community. 

Fresh Perspective 
Having first hand and personal experience of living in district 4, the absence of thriving and successful businesses in the community resulted in lack of funding which negatively impacted employment, education and safety of neighborhoods. 
Its for this reason why I am so passionate about advocating for better initiatives to improving every area of life within district 4. It's time to break up the old way of doing things with a fresh and new perspective that is all inclusive. 

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