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A Fresh Perspective delivering results to the Community 

My name is Sidiqa Hooker and I am a community activist and a compassionate young millennial who strongly advocates for equal opportunity for everyone in district 4.  

I’m a San Diego native who grew up in the heart of the City Heights community from elementary school through college and am presently residing in district 4 as a working professional.


I attended and graduated from the Preuss school UCSD charter school from 6th grade through my Senior year. Preuss is a Blue ribbon school who’s mission is to prepare first generation college students for university immediately after high school. The schools within district 4 communities fail to provide appropriate educational resources and materials for students to pass basic required standardized state testing. This prevents them from properly graduating high school and attending a four-year university immediately after high school.


Growing up in City Heights, there weren’t many accessible grocery stores that carried healthy fresh foods for the community. It was here that I understood the great need for thriving businesses and community funded programs to provide the support for all of the families who lived here. I’m running to be District 4 County Supervisor to improve the Quality of Life, increase and maintain Public Safety and ensure Equality & Dignity for families and individuals within the District 4 community.

I have 11 years working with students assisting in tutoring in an after school program for ages 5 years old to high school seniors.  I’m also an interview panelist for underserved college bound students, assisting them in applying for college scholarship funding.   I’ve successfully ran social media pages on numerous platforms for non-profit organizations for 2 years. I’ve interned for local political parties in San Diego and was able to hear firsthand the concerns, issues and changes constituents would like to see from their local government. I have 5 years in Customer Success services taking initiative and using critical thinking skills through arbitration to resolve and meet the needs of each client in the Liability Insurance Industry. I currently work as a Diversity & Inclusion coordinator for LinkedIn, providing opportunities to computer science majors as well as adults; such as teachers, law enforcement, and frontline workers looking to transition into the field of technology. Together we will create a happier, healthier,  successful and safer District 4. 


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